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What I do

Email Marketing

I'm based in Chichester, West Sussex, and offer advice and support on Email Marketing to small businesses.

Email is the trojan horse of marketing. It’s invited in...and then uses stealth to win the Sales war!


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Start Up

Are you struggling to know where to begin with Email Marketing for your business? I can help you:

  • Upload and segment your Audience
  • Create a professional, branded Email Template
  • Build a hosted Sign-Up Form 
  • Design a beautiful, single Welcome Email
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Growth Steps

If you’ve set up your Mailchimp account and are sending emails steadily but not generating results, let’s discuss how I could:

  • Create a Welcome series that will engage your Audience on sign-up
  • Send regular emails to engage your Audience on your behalf
  • Build Automations that target customers based on preferences, behaviour and previous sales
  • Look at how you are collecting and applying Audience data to inform your Email Marketing
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Mailchimp Training

If you’re not ready for a fully-managed service I offer 1-2-1 or group training sessions in Chichester, Arundel, Bognor Regis and surrounding areas using Mailchimp. What would you like to learn? Tell me if there’s an area of Mailchimp that you’re struggling with.

  • We can talk about Audiences
  • Email Templates and how to create one
  • Whether you should be using Groups, Tags or both
  • Tips & Tricks before you send your Emails out into the world!
  • How to verify and authenticate your domain

" I honestly have such a better understanding of Mailchimp now - that power hour was AMAZING!"
Sarah Brunton - The Vocal Coach

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Please do send me a message and ask anything you like. I aim to respond in one business day.

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